Monday, December 18, 2006

What is Setting? part 4


I believe this will be the final installment of this series for the time being. For this article, I used the Setting Design Jumpstart to go back and redesign the Awesom-o-fied setting from the origonal Story Games thread HERE that started this series. You are welcome to download the setting and use it as you please for Actual Play. I might suggest the Shadows of Yesterday as a good system to use with it.

Here is the file: Blasted Sands

It's a RTF document. Let me know if you can't download it.

Upon reflection, the Jumpstart seems to do what I want it to for now. The one thing I fear is that it may encourage people to make "DnD-like" Settings. However, that is only one use for the Jumpstart. If you choose to use this design tool, open up your mind to other possiblities. Broaden your own definitions of what things like Geography, History, Authority, and Inhabitants might mean. There are lots more possiblities out there than what has been traditionally held up as a RPG Setting. And most of all, keep in mind that a good Setting gives the players and GMs tools to use during Actual Play.



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