Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Socratic Design Anthology #3


For those of you new to Socratic Design, every now and then I compile the articles I’ve written that I believe have the most bearing on RPG design. These aren’t all the articles I’ve written recently; just the ones I feel are most relevant to the mission of this site. They also do not appear in the order that I have written them. Instead I arrange them in the order I feel they will have the greatest affect and make the most sense. I have already done two anthologies, and if you are new here I recommend reading the articles in the order I have written them. This blog is an evolution of thought. It is not a Bible or infallible step-by-step guide to designing games. What I said when starting out may change as my understanding of game design also changes. But it is important to see where those initial ideas started and how my current line of thinking evolved. Below are the links to the first two Anthologies and below them are the articles of Anthology Number Thee.

Socratic Design Anthology #1
Socratic Design Anthology #2

Here are the articles for Socratic Design Anthology #3:

What is Strength of Emphasis?
When is a Concept Ready to be a Draft?
What is System?
What is Setting? part 1
What is Setting? part 2
What is Setting? part 3
What is Setting? part 4
What is a GM?
Is Min-Maxing Bad?



PS: Please report any links that aren't working. I'd appreciate it.

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