Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another Pitfall


This is an addendum to my last post. I forgot to mention this one:

#11: I’ve published six games since 2002, and I think there is one pitfall I’ve fallen into this one almost every single time. Don’t feel like your published game needs to fit some page number or word count. Your game doesn’t need to be any longer than it has to be so long as it produces coherent, enjoyable play experiences for your audience. Using fancy words and lengthy explanations will probably hurt your game more than help. It doesn’t have to be a certain number of pages to be considered good. Games aren’t judged on how good they are by their thickness. Bulk does not equal quality. Verbosity is not a virtue.

Okay, that's enough platitudes. This particular pitfall has been a personal albatross of mine, and I think some of my games if not all of my games have suffered as a result. Here's to you not following in my footsteps :)