Thursday, April 11, 2013

Relay the Message: Unusual Monsters


From time to time I will link a Kickstarter project that piques my interest.  I don’t always back them since they aren’t always relevant to what I’m playing, but I link them because I think they’re a good project and I want them to succeed.  The project I’m linking today I believe is both a good project and relevant to what I do.

Larry Sneed is creating a monster tome for unusual RPG creatures.  That’s no so original at first glance.  There’s been dozens of such manuals.  However, this is no ordinary monster manual.  First, Larry is taking monster ideas from the backers!  Even if you only contribute $1 you can submit and idea.  That’s awesome!  Some Kickstarters have involved the backers in the creative endeavor in small degrees and usually only at the higher levels of backing (i.e. the most expensive options).  But Larry is doing something different.  That’s really great. 

Second, Larry is making the book Open Source.  That means if you want to use these images and monsters in your RPG design, you can!  Free of charge!  There aren’t many deals like that out there, and while you won’t be able to use every monster, even having some is worth it IMHO.

Finally, the paperback is only $17.  I’m not sure what sort of profit margin Larry is going to have, but it doesn’t seem like he’s asking a lot for his product.  $17 is a steal.  So, if the product interests you, I highly recommend you back it.




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