Friday, February 01, 2013

Relay the Message: Worra Realms


There's a very fascinating new project out there called Worra Realms.  It mates the classic dungeon crawl RPG with the "rules on cards" ethos of CCGs.  I'm a big fan of CCGs as well, so this project caught my eye.  Here's their corporate site:  It's interesting to me that they still use dice and miniatures to keep the RPG feel.  I know a lot of gamers don't have a lot of time, especially those of us who are adults with jobs, kids, families, and financial pressures all clamouring for our attention.  Worra Realms might be just what we're looking for.  I think this idea of putting the RPG rules on bite-size cards has a whole of design potential because play can be quick yet still satisfying.

Here's their Kickstarter if you are interested in helping them out:

This is one of the projects I am seriously considering supporting.  I haven't made a decision yet, but of all the things I've seen recently this game has sparked my design antennae more than anything.  If it's something that you think you might like, please lend them your support.



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