Thursday, April 19, 2012

Relay the Message: Engle Map Kickstarter


I have an old friend named Chris Engle. He and I met when I was in college in Bloomington, IN. I was briefly involved with the local SCA, and Chris was a proud member. He and I talked about RPGs and CCGs, and I would see him every so often at the local game shop, The Game Preserve, in downtown Bloomington.

This guy has been busting his hump making games for years now. I have no idea how many years he's been at it (Chris, if you read this blog, comment and tell us!), but I know he's contributed more to independant publishing than I ever will.

Right now he's got a rather unique Kickerstarter going. Unlike the other's I've mentioned, this one is not so much for a book but an artifact. It's for historical maps for London, Paris, and Rome. I've done some gaming in London and Paris (in imaginary life, not real life), and would have loved to have had these maps. I believe they come with a game too, but honestly, the maps are a treat all themselves. I'm especially excited about the London map.

Anyway, give the Kickstarter a look. If you think it's something you could use with your group, then give Chris some suppport. I can tell you that he does top-notch work, and you'll be happy with the end product.




Hamster Press - Chris Engle said...

Thanks for teh plug Troy!

I've been at Matrix games for nearly twenty-five years and plan to keep on plugging at them till I'm sixty. Then I'm just going to play!

The present project is to publish posters of 16th Century City maps. I'm real hopeful, it is a little more than a week into the period and we are over 50% funded.

The maps each come with a small Matrix game but it is unobtrusive and does not harm the beauty of the maps.

I'll be selling the maps at the Hamster Press booth at Gen Con. Hope you can support me now so I can have them available. If I go over the funding limit I can put out more cities (Milan, Antwerp and more).

Troy_Costisick said...

Congrats on meeting your goal, Chris!!! :)



Unknown said...

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