Friday, March 30, 2012

Relay the Message: Dungeons and Colonies Kickstarters


There's a couple RPG projects on totally different ends of the RPG spectrum that I'm really excited about. Both have a Kickstarters going, and I just wanted to give them a shout out here. I'm not suggesting that you should go give them your money, I'm just suggesting you should check what they have to say and see if they're interesting to you.

The first is Dog Eat Dog. The name doesn't really imply what the game is about, but I'll fill you in. It's about colonization, and the affect it has on both the colonizer and the native population. It looks really rad and has some unique mechanics I never really considered before. From what I've read so far, I feel that if you liked My Life with Master, there's a chance you'll like this game too.

The second project is the Dwimmermount. If you are into OD&D style games- specifically in this case Labyrinth Lord or the Adventurer Conquerer King System- this project might be right for your campaign. It's a mega dungeon in the old school style of things like The Tomb of Horrors. It needs some help reaching its second bonus goal which is a 13th level. To me, that would be really cool.

I probably need to do an article on Kickstarter here soon. I've never mentioned it before, but I feel these are worthy projects. Again, I'm not suggesting you go donate. I'm just suggesting you check these things out to see if they are interesting to you. From there, you can decide where to put your money. :)



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