Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why Do People Do RPGs?


A while back I posted a series of 5 questions on Game Craft in the spirit of Socratic Design. I wanted to share the answers here on this blog partly as research. The responses are non-scientific, but are never-the-less useful. Designers should know how other people passionate about RPGs feel and what/why they play. Perhaps some of the answers posted to the questions on Game Craft will inspire you to write something.

Why Do You Design?
Why Do You Play?
What Do You Play?
What Do You Play With?
What Are You?

Like I said, the answers are just data if you're doing some non-scientific research for a project. But I feel we can all learn from each other as we share our views, experiences, and preferences. If you like, feel free to add to these answers by replying here on Socratic Design. You will only add to the tapestry those respondants started.



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Unknown said...

Link to the fifth question is broken.

Otherwise, nice questions.

Why do you design games? Because (I hope) I can. ;)