Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's the Worst Part of Moving?


For various reasons, none of which I am happy about, my wife and I have moved to a new city. It is much clearner and nicer than our old one and I know we will be much happier here. However, it's a real pain. I hit a mailbox with the UHaul. Our cat got lost outside during a rainstorm. Our landlords are never around so we can't even sign the lease yet. And we have 87 empty cardboard boxes to deal with now (no exageration). But you know what? None of that is what's bothering me. What's really bothering me is our lack of Internet access right now.

You see, in our new town Cable TV/Internet is run by the city as a utility. None of the major companies (Comcast, Insight, Time Warner) are allowed to compete. So when you move in, the city government is in charge of hooking you up. As with anything the government is in charge of, it's never done right, never done on time, and not nearly as effective as it should be. So, I'm at work on my Fall Break (I'm a teacher) using the Internet to catch up on online stuff and enter grades into the school's network. It's lame, but I got no choice. Worse, it's delaying the release of Cutthroat. It will take at least 10 more days for them to get around to hooking us up. You know, if the paperwork isn't lost or a committee doesn't have to vote on it or something else governmentalish.

Whatever. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons. Nature is SO beautiful this time of year. You should get out and enjoy the fresh air in a park or nature preserve or something. October is my favorite month.




Ricky Donato said...

Hi, Troy!

I know how you feel. Last year, I moved into a new apartment, and the city was doing construction in front of my building. As a result, the cable guy couldn't reach the box to install my internet access, so I had to switch to ADSL and change my email address. Argh...

At least you have a blog to bitch on. That must be a relief. :-)

Mischa said...

When we moved, craigslist helped us get rid of our boxes. You'd be amazed at how many people want free boxes.

I've no idea where in the world you are, but it's worth a look.

May you not have to fall back to using dialup.

Troy_Costisick said...

15 days from when I signed up. That's how long it took them. >:[

Anonymous said...

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