Friday, March 03, 2006

Socratic Design Anthology # 1


As I look down my page here at the links on the right, I’m seeing some really important articles vanish from the front page. Stuff like The Big Three and Power 19 should be kept, IMO, front and center. So here’s my solution. Every quarter, I’ll be making an Anthology of Articles. This one will cover, December, January, and February. I’ll link all the ones I feel were important to the mission of Socratic Design in one single article. This way, anyone new to the site will be able to catch up with those who have been reading it from the beginning. Heh, I kinda wish more blogs would do this. Anyway, the order I will put them in will be the order I think they should be read, not necessarily the order in which I wrote them. Feedback, as always, is welcome.

Anthology #1

What is ‘Diaspora’ ? (mainly for the Universal Disclaimer)
What are ‘The Big Three’ ?
What are ‘The Power 19’ ? pt. 1
What are ‘The Power 19’ ? pt. 2
What is ‘Chargen’ ?
What is Situation?
Is Play its own Reward?
What Should I Expect from my First Design?
What if my Game turns out Crappy?

Appendix: 1

Why Design an RPG?
What is a Traditional RPG?
What is a ‘Heartbreaker’ ?
So What are We Looking For?

The Appendix is more personal opinion stuff on my part than design tools. I don’t consider them to be a true part of the Anthology, but are important to me none-the-less. If you have any questions about any of the articles, feel free to post about them here. I’m always happy to field questions and lend a hand :)




Frank said...

Cool! Nice way to handle the issue of discussion facilities not being good for archiving resources.

Now if only there was an easy way on Blogger to know when someone has responded to an ancient post...


Dogui said...

The link to Why Design an RPG leads to another article.

Great work by the way.