Friday, January 13, 2006

Personal Update


An old friend of mine back from the Ember Twilight days wrote me an email. It was great to hear from him after about 6 months of not getting a word. He asked me how my new games were coming, so I told him about how I’m revising and playtesting and whatnot. While I was writing the reply, I figured it would be a good time to share with you guys how things are coming along.

-Cutthroat has had its second revision and a second playtest has been scheduled.

-Hierarchy has just had its first revision completed and a plan for playtesting is being formulated.

-Standoff! is now in the process of being revised which actually won’t take all that long.

-Preliminary covers for all three games have been designed and submitted.

All three should (crosses fingers for luck) be done in the next three to four months. I’m settled into married life now and this semester’s classes are easy to teach. So all is well in Socraticland. The next thing I really have to do is get my corporate website up. But I’ve already made some good contacts to make that happen. Expect movement on that in a couple weeks.




Matt Wilson said...

That's awesome. Progress is really satisfying.

You know, I never made the connection between you and Ember Twilight, but I was at GenCon in 2003 and remember the booth being right around the corner from the Forge. Glad that you're doing what you want to do.

Troy_Costisick said...


Thanks Matt. It was really cool getting to meet all you guys that year. I've learned a great deal since then and I really have to thank a lot of floks like yourself (and Vincent, Ron, Clinton, Mike, etc.) who also threw in and helped.

The Ronny awards were a big deal for me. Getting these games finished and out there is my way of giving back to those who helped me.

I do appreciate the encouragement, bro. Hopefully I'll make it to GenCon this year and we can renew our aquaintance :)



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