Monday, December 12, 2005

Opening A Big Ol' Can of Worms


Welcome to Socratic Design! If you're looking for answers on how to write a RPG, you've come to the wrong place. I have only questions. But through these questions, perhaps together we can achieve where alone we fail. My purpose with this blog is to pose questions, accumulate answers, and spread the wisdom from all contributors to all nascent RPG designers out there. At times I'll be opinionated- that's my right. Sometimes I'll be wrong, and then I'll recant. Sometimes I'll offer something insightful, then we'll celebrate. And every time, I'll care about furthering our cause of promoting Independent RPGs.

This project may be beyond me. I am but a Novice in RPG theory and design. Perhaps that is best tho. My aim is to target those who are just starting out, those who are most like myself. Together we can explore the realms of Independent RPG publishing and design.

Expect another post soon. I'll need to set the table and build the foundation of how all this is going to work.



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Troy_Costisick said...

Hello past Troy,

You had no idea what your life was going to be like 10 years ago. You're balder now. You have a goatee, a great wife, and a fantastic kid. In the last 10 years you've suffered some real heart-rending hardships, but you stayed true to your values. Good job in leading a good and fulfilling life in the span this blog was active. I'm proud of the man you've become, the man I've become.